Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Tale of Two Patients

The contrast could not have been more obvious. It was like black and white. Apples and oranges. Night and day. But then again, I'm not sure why I expected anything different.

The differences I'm referring to is how my children reacted to having the 24-hour stomach flu.

There symptoms were the same. They both experienced their first "episode" in the middle of the night. (I'm going to refer to it as an "episode" because vomiting, throwing up and barfing just make me cringe. And I'm a happy sort of gal, so let's just go with "episode.")

Anyway, the episodes continued through the night and I ended up working from home for a day when each one was sick. Side note: Boy do I have to give SAHM and WAHM big props. It's not easy trying to be productive while you have to cater to the every need of your children.

My little lady was quiet and mild mannered throughout it all. She never once complained. She just layed on the couch all day and made her way to the bathroom when it was time. I was able to get quiet a bit of work done and found myself checking on her frequently to make sure she was OK because she was SO QUIET.

That approach was not necessary for my little man. He let me know how he was feeling in a VERY vocal way. Every few minutes I'd hear loud moan across the room or outbursts about how horrible he felt.

I did my best to comfort him, constantly reassuring him that he had what his sister had and it would pass soon. I served him countless glasses of ginger ale (it's supposed to help ease a queasy least according to my Mom ;o)

While they both experienced the same things, their journey to the "finish line" was so different. I guess that is the story of my children (or should I say my two little patients).

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Melissa said...

He's sounding like a man already:) My husband had me call HIS MOM when he had the flu. He was convinced he was dying.

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