Friday, May 22, 2009


My husband is leaving me us. And not for just a quick week trip this time. No. My friends he’s leaving on a business trip for FOUR weeks.


The longest he’s been gone has been three weeks. And let me tell you it was not fun. One week is a breeze (it has become our normal for the past three years). Two weeks are manageable. And three. Well, three weeks just SUCKED. I can’t even fathom what four weeks will be like.

Last weekend, Mike mentioned that his trip to India (yes, he’s going halfway around the world no less) was being extended a week. I’m sure he was wondering when my jaw would close after he dropped that bombshell. I remember just staring at him and thinking how in the world I am going to survive being a "single mom" for FOUR weeks.

My plan is to try and keep our schedule full. Baseball games, playdates with friends and family, movies, etc. Because when Mr. B and Miss Monkey are bored, they usually start picking on each other. And that’s when my sanity. Leaves. The. Door.

This weekend, after Mike flies away, I’ll be escaping the local hubbub of Memorial Day celebrations and heading down home for a few (hopefully relaxing) days visit with Mom and Dad. Mr. B and Dad are hoping to go golfing and Miss Monkey really wants to head to the beach at Salt Fork (if it’s warm enough). I’ll even be visiting Jodi, one of my closest high school friends that I just reconnected with after MANY years thanks to Facebook. (see Daddy, there is value in this social media stuff *wink*)

Speaking of social media, I’m also really hoping that I’ll be able to connect with a few Cleveland area blogger friends I’ve made like OHMommy and Domestic Extraordinaire. I know that this momma will DEFINITELY be needing a night out (or two).

For now, I’m gonna try not to focus on the month he'll be gone to enjoy the last few hours with my husband.


Elaine A. said...

Oh golly, I can somewhat relate. My husband is gone every other week and will be OOT most of June. I hope you have an easy four weeks...

Loukia said...

Yikes, seriously? 4 weeks sounds like an eternity! I can barely hold it together when I'm home with my two boys when hubby goes for a coffee at Starbucks! Seriously, I get all dramatic, like, "You're leaving me alone with the two kids for 30 minutes? I can't handle it! Get back as soon as possible! Bring your cell phone with you!" All I have to say is, good luck to you! (But you sound like a pro, so don't worry!) ;)

Heather said...

Enjoy your time with your hubby-I think that staying busy is a great plan.

Anonymous said...

4 weeks ... I know your pain! We just finished a 5 week separation and are staring down the barrel of an upcoming 7 week separation.

Hang in there!!!!

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