Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Routine Interruptions

For the past three years, my life has been pretty routine. Mike leaves for work early Monday morning (at 3 am) and returns on Friday evening (yes, I LOVE Fridays, but that is an entirely different post). I get the kids off to school, go to work, return home, make dinner, oversee homework, pack lunches, schedule play dates, get baths. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. Week in and week out.

This week is different. Our routine has been interrupted. And I'm happy.

Mike is taking a week's vacation and spending it at home with us (yes, he's been on three late night conference calls with China and India since Sunday, but sure, we'll still call it a vacation).

Tonight, after seeing a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, he sat Mr. B and Miss Monkey down.

Mike: You know kids, Mom does a lot of work around here. And she cooks all your meals. I think the least you could do is start making sure that the dishes are done each night. That means before you go out to play, you need to have your homework complete and the dishes done. Do you understand?

Kids: Yes, Dad. (why is it they're always so quick to agree with their father?)

Mr. B: But what if I don't want to eat what Mom makes?

Mike: Well, then you won't have dinner. But you'll still have to do the dishes.

Mr. B: What if I don't use a plate?

Mike: It doesn't matter, there will still be dirty dishes from Mom's cooking.

Mr. B: We could just microwave everything and then there won't be so many dishes.

Mike: (ignoring Mr. B's last comment) So honey what do you think, should they alternate days or weeks?

Me: I think days. Whosever's day it is gets to do the dishes. (Background, a few years ago I hated having to referee arguments about who got to pick the channel or sit in the "good seat" on the couch. To save my sanity, I decided to make it systematic...Mr. B could pick on even numbered days and Miss Monkey could pick on odd numbered days. And it's worked marvelously.)

Mike: You mean they have to earn the right to decide what we watch each night by doing the dishes? Sounds like a good plan to me. Right kids?

Kids: (in a not so energetic sigh) Yeeesss Dad.

I just LOVE my husband. And broken routines ;o)


Amanda said...

That is so funny that Mr. B was trying to come with so many different ways to get out of doing dishes. I wish I was that clever at that age! Oh yeah, when Dad spoke the girls listened and didn't comment back. (Except for the time Alyce did and we all learned from her lesson!)

Krystyn said...

Smart moves...definitely a smart move.

And, so sweet of you to send OHmommy fruit:)

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