Saturday, May 09, 2009

My greatest teacher

My mom has guided me through life for 36 years and she has been my GREATEST teacher (I've realized this more and more as I get older, and perhaps a little wiser.) In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to share 36 lessons I've learned from my mom (in no particular order, of course.)

1. How to be selfless. She has demonstrated this in so many ways, from never buying things for herself when we were young to taking care of grandma in her last year with us.

2. How to make just about anything in the kitchen from hard boiled eggs to homemade raspberry pie. And she doesn't mind my occasional calls for recipes.

3. Chore charts are a good thing.

4. Spending time together is always quality time, even if you're just doing mundane activities like snapping beans.

5. Things don't equal love. People do.

6. Things get done faster when we all work together (after all, three acres of grass doesn't just mow itself every week.)

7. How to avoid conflict (we both hate confrontations).

8. Unconditional love.

9. Never mix colors and whites in the laundry.

10. When things get tough, families draw together.

11. Sacrifices. As a Mom myself now, I realize how much Mom really did sacrifice for the sake of her children. THANKS MOM!

12. It's always best to wear long pants in a berry patch.

13. Homemade ice cream rocks!

14. How to sew (although I've forgotten how to read patterns a long time ago)

15. It's normal to mix up your kids names. I do this all the time, just like Mom did with her 4 girls.

16. Always make your bed in the morning (now if I could just convince my own kids to do this ;D

17. A love for cleanliness and order.

18. Family is always priority.

19. She makes a wonderful grandma.

20. Neat handwriting is admirable.

21. It's important to develop traditions with your family.

22. Never be afraid to say I love you.

23. Vitamin E is the best skin cream.

24. Fresh produce is WAY better than canned (this was made evident to me in my first year of marriage)

25. Don't be afraid to kiss your spouse in front of your children.

26. Never fight in front of your children (I don't think I ever remember hearing my parents fight)

27. Good studying habits will take your far.

28. You need to work hard for your money.

29. Keep track of the kid's allowances on the calendar. That way you'll know how much you still owe them.

30. How to love the Lord.

31. Life is not always like a soap opera (even though we always loved watching Days of our Lives together).

32. Don't say you don't like something unless you've tried it.

33. Show respect for others and they will respect you in kind.

34. It's OK to have alone time.

35. How to balance a checkbook.

36. DBT (damn bonding time, as my Dad joking refers to it) is a GOOD thing.

Thank you Mom for all that you've taught me. You truly are my greatest teacher and I love you for it.


OHmommy said...

What a beautiful portrait and beautiful post.

Neat handwriting and alone time. We could be the best of friends, your mom and I.

Happy Mother's Day.

Shari said...

Wow, what a list! I, too, agree that our mom has taught me so much in life. I am reminded of her each day as I try to parent!! Today, I was feeding Ashley bananas and I thought of Mom when I was continually putting the bananas back in Ashley's mouth. Mom always told me that she won the battle of feeding me as a young child! I am glad she is such a great example to mirror.

Indy said...

What great tips and what a special relationship you have with your mom. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your mom!

carrie said...

Such a sweet tribute to your wonderful mama!

I hope you both had a lovely Mother's Day!

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