Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hitting the proverbial fan

I knew it would happen. I just didn't know when.

My children are melting down. And we are still nearly two weeks away from when Mike returns home from his 4-week monster business trip to India.

I'm not sure why it happens. And quite frankly, I'm not sure how to stop this insanity. Constant bickering. Picking. Whining. And full blown tantrums. (Really, if anyone has any words of wisdom, please pass them my way.)

I could go on and on about the silliness in such incidents. Or how I often lose my cool (Mike is my calming influence with the kids and I miss his presence desperately.)

But today I desperately need to focus on the positive:

* Mike will be home in 10 days.

* Last night, I opted to escape the "pity party" my kids were throwing and took them to my sister's house. There's nothing like a backyard picnic (with grilled hotdogs and smores) to cure what ails ya...and it did wonders for the kid's attitudes. Last night at least).

* I met one of my newest blogger friends today. She is going through much of the same thing I am with her husband being in India and she has provided much needed support and perspective. I only wish she wasn't actually moving there in a few weeks *sigh.*

* This Saturday, my sister has agreed to watch the kids overnight so I can meet up with OHmommy and other Cleveland area bloggers. I will have the whole afternoon/night without children and I can't wait!

* Another good friend offered to take photos of me and my family when Mike returns.

* Mike will be home in 10 days...what, I mentioned that already? Can you tell I'm obsessing about this one?


Olena said...

Okay, so here's my thought..let them think about/focus on their dad. Father's day is coming is your chance to let them work on some crafty present and have it completely finished for the big celebration. They are missing him so put their feelings to good use :)

It has to be something that is multi-day--something that is painted and takes time to dry--but easy enough for them to complete on their own.

Here's one: Can they hammer? Get a couple of empty tin cans and let them use different sized nails to put holes in them in whatever pattern they want (print some clip art hearts or stars or whatever!) Paint the cans, black (or another dark color) and use some craft wire to hang them from a tree branch. Add tea light candles (or the plastic ones you put in pumpkins) and you've got a beautiful outdoor welcome home dad display! Costs pennies and looks great at night when lit :)

Heather said...

Oh hon, I am so sorry. What is your guys' schedule like this week in the eves? You work during the day, don't you? if not during the day as well? We could meet somewhere half way & let the kids play somewhere and hang. Let me know.


OHmommy said...

i cant wait to meet you.

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

**hugs** I can't imagine. Here I am all whiny and complaining about my husband going back to work after the baby.....I'm sorry it's getting rough for you. Ten days isn't so bad though, right? :-) Just take it one day at a time.

Melissa said...

Thinking of you, Michelle. I'm on my "single mom week," but it's NOTHING like you're experiencing.

Olena always has great ideas. I just signed up my kids for the summer reading program at the library. Maybe your library has something. I know it's not a huge, fabulous idea, but reading was always a fun way for me to stretch my imagination.

Anonymous said...

:( Hugs.

You know, you COULD just say "this is stupid" to the kids when they start whining (said in the best oldest-son-mimic voice you can muster)


(it was great to meet you on Sunday!)

Loukia said...

He'll be home before you know it! I hope you had a great weekend, and I can't wait to read all about it. Taking care of the kids alone is not easy... you're doing a great job.

Lynette3boys said...

I had a fun time meeting up with you and the other girls tonight. I am so glad I decided to go. Enjoy the rest of your child-free evening!

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