Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Mike is on day 12 of his 25 business trip to India. And he's not doing well.

I can hear it in his voice. See it in his demeanor on Skype. Each day he is less enthusiastic. The trip is wearing on him and the stress is taking it's toll. He's tired. Stressed. Grumpy. And probably a little depressed.

My heart aches that I can't comfort him. He's a bazillion miles away (OK, I know that's a slight exaggeration) and our limited communications tools are just not helping.

What he needs is to come home. And to find a new job. But unfortunately, neither is happening in the immediate future.

For now, all I can do is worry. And pray.


Krystyn said...

Oh, that is so sad. I hope the last 13 days pick up for him. He's half way done, so he can start looking forward to coming home.

Anonymous said...

It really *IS* a bazillion miles away, I know it is!

To add to his tiredness and grumpiness, the poor man is also HOT!

I am feeling your pain, and discomfort, truly.

You hang in there. Being the mama/wife is one of the hardest things in these situations because you want everyone to be "ok" ...

Keep skyping and telling him you love him. Thinking of you.

Loukia said...

I am so sorry. It must not be easy at for either of you. Stay strong. He'll be back before you know it.

Mommy Fabulous said...

Take it from a wife who is about to endure 365 days of the same. It's is hard, but it will soon be over. I know you miss him and that makes it seem a bazillion miles away when you can't hold him. But pray and comfort as much as possible and the days will pass.

Indy said...

So hard when you feel you can't help the ones you love. Hope the days go quick for both of you.

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