Monday, July 06, 2009

Conquering boredom

If I could be paid for every time I'm told "It's SOOOOO boring at our house. There's NEVER anything fun to do" then I'd be a really rich woman. Seriously. I hear it countless times a day.

I often rattle off a litany of suggestions, only to be met with "No, mom, that's so boring." or "I don't want to/feel like doing (fill in the blank)." When I suggest that they can always do a chore for me, they seem to miraculously drop the subject.

But, I understand their frustration, to a point. We don't live in a development, so they can't just go outside and play with friends. We live close to a busy road (that doesn't have sidewalks) so they can't really ride their bikes unless I take them to a park. But, my understanding can only go so far.

When they suggested that they could sell our Wii and use the money for a trampoline, I was impressed. They were actually trying to find a solution to their boredom.

Mike, however, had another suggestion. "What would you think about getting a pool?"

Jaws dropped and the light in my kids eyes just sparkled at just the mention of a pool. I, on the other hand, couldn't believe what I was hearing from my frugal budget conscious husband.

Unfortunately, Mike's suggestion came on Sunday evening. Just a few short hours before he drove back to Michigan for another week of work. Leaving everything open ended. Undecided. And me fielding all their anxious questions:

"What kind of pool will it be?"

"WHEN can we get the pool? Today? Tomorrow? When? When? WHEN?!?!"

True to my husband's nature, he didn't just go out and buy the quickest thing off of Target's shelf (like his anxious wife and children wanted to do.) He researched. And researched. And researched some more.

Until finally, he found something he thought would work well for our family.

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The pool will arrive in a few weeks, hopefully in time for Mike and I to assemble it while the kids are away visiting their grandparents (yes, we are forgoing a short vacay to do this for the kids. We ROCK as parents. And this time they actually would agree ;o)


Loukia said...

Yay for getting a pool! Your entire family will enjoy for a very long time, and summer will be that much more awesome! My sister just got an inground pool put in... they're working on the landscaping now so soon we'll be able to swim there too! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you soooo rock! You can get your Target fix by shopping for all of the extra towels you are now going to need (read : new friends and lots more guests!)

Amazing Greis said...

Congrats! Pools are so much fun! Especially for the kids!

Krystyn said... do rock as vacation to put in a pool. How awesome.

Amy said...

Yes, you do rock as parents! Luckily we have seven friends with pools... one for every day of the week!

Generally the conversation with my six year old goes like this:

him - "Mum, I'm boooooored."
me - "How about you scrub the tub? Or clean the playroom?"
him - "No! I wanna do something fuuuuuun!"

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