Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stunting growth

Well, you all know that I'm on a mission to reverse my growing hips, butt and thighs growth. After publicly revealing my plans, I received an email from my Daddy, challenging me to lose 10 pound with him by the end of July (yes, that's 10 pounds in 4 short weeks my friends...much more than the recommended 1-2 pounds per week, but this is a CHALLENGE afterall.) Being the competitive soul that I am, I told him to "Bring It On."

He said we'd need to figure out what to compete for...well, since I've never been in an actual competition with my Daddy (beyond the occasional game of P.I.G. on the basketball court) I'm not sure what to suggest. Perhaps some of my family and friends might have some suggestions that would really make this competition interesting. Your comments are welcome.

Speaking of growth, I really need to figure a way to stunt Miss Monkey's growth...she is THIS close to being able to fit into my size 7 shoes! And. She's. SEVEN!

Tonight, she tried on my shoes and declared "Look Momma. They almost fit me. I can't wait until they do so I can wear ALL your shoes." (slow down there little lady, no one ever said anything about wearing Momma's shoes...some things need to be sacred, right?)


Krystyn said...

Hubby did a weight loss challenge...loser shaved their head. Probably not the best option.

Money? A new purse for you? A new fishing pole for your dad? Clearly, I have no idea.

Loukia said...

Oh, wow, your little girl is growing up!

Hmmm... how about... um... I have no idea? Dinner? I know, boring... how about bragging rights? ;)

Good luck with you challenge! If I can lose 10 pounds in July I'll be super dooper happy!

Amber said...

I agree about the shoes! Ella is three and steals my heals every chance she gets. My favorite shoes are now very flexible (which they should not be).

Loser should mow the winner's lawn for a month. BUT, you really should have a cushion because men lose faster than women. I think that it proven...or made up in my head; I'm not sure which.

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