Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wish*

I wish I could provide everything my children want and need.

I wish I had the backbone to parent with more authority (like my husband does).

I wish I was motivated to cook a healthy dinner every night (not just what is quick and easy).

I wish I had my daughter's dark complexion (she gets complimented on it ALL the time).

I wish I could teach my son how to entertain himself.

I wish I was more goal-oriented.

I wish our country wasn't so diametrically divided.

I wish that transitions were easier.

I wish that I wasn't so selfish.

I wish that everyone who reads my blog would leave a comment (and who is it that lives in Granville that checks out by blog all the time?)

I wish that my first crush would have actually taken notice of me back in middle school (I'm talking about you A.F.)

I wish my children didn't dislike church.

I wish that my friends lived closer.

I wish that my husband lived with us ALL the time, not just on the weekends.

I wish life was like a fairy tale.

*This post is inspired by my new Canadian friend Maria (aka @BOREDmommy on Twitter). She's the winning mom and is on a journey to reclaim her former self. Go Maria...I know you can do it!


Maria @BOREDmommy said...


olena said...

Okay, so I read/enjoy every single one..but I don't always comment :)

Heather said...


Chic Mama said...

Oh...I have lots of those wishes too....we can't be everything though unfortunately even though we strive to it. I too wish I knew everyone that read my posts- maybe thats the nosiness in me. LOL

Indy said...

Great post. I love this idea. Wish I would have come up with it. LOL.

Loukia said...

What a great post this is! I am with you on a lot of those things... many of those are my wishes too!

Shari said...

Alright, alright I'll leave a comment - who has time to leave comments and who can write them as good as their sister who gets paid to write well

Love ya sis!

Amanda said...

Sorry, I leave my comments for our phone conversations. From now on I will start commenting and I agree with Shari that we don't write as good as you do.

Love ya!
Your taller sis

Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading your list!

Hope you have a great weekend!

AmazingGreis said...

I've been a major slacker in commenting lately. Was thinking about you, hope all is well. How's the pool?

Anonymous said...

Oh friend ...

I share your wishes (even the one about people who don't leave comments!)

How cool that you took the time to put your wishes "on paper" and share them with us.

So are you going to take one of those wishes and work on adding it to the list of "I do _______" ?

Tara R. said...

A wonderful and honest list.

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