Thursday, August 20, 2009

Journey into 6th Grade

I don't feel old...and I certainly don't look it (at least that is what everyone tells me.) But I AM getting older, as is evidenced by the fact that I am the mother of a MIDDLE SCHOOL student.

That's right, my Mr. B is entering 6th grade next week.

Yesterday was 6th grade orientation. The time he get his schedule, locker assignment and familiarized himself with his new building and figured out how to get to each class. During the initial introduction with the principals and guidance counselors, he sat with friends while I sat rows away with the other mothers. And I was OK with it...he's growing older, seeking his independence and his friends are VERY important to him.

Going into the middle school, his two big "worries" were if any of his good friends would be in his lunch period and whether he'd be able to open his locker (very valid concerns as I remember feeling the same anxiety when I entered 6th grade.) Fortunately, after a quick comparison of schedules he learned that several of his friends were in fact in the same lunch/intramural period. As the excitement spread across his face, I was secretly thanking God that a worry had been eliminated...because you know our family worries...A LOT.)

And, it only took him two tries to master the combination, so all was right with the world.

Afterwards, I treated Mr. B to a quick lunch at McDonald's. As we were waiting for our order, his new assistant principal walked in right beside us. My first instinct was to introduce myself and Brandon. But, being the mother of a 6th grader (and with 11 years experience under my belt) I turned around and whispered to Mr. B if I should say "Hi". His immediate reply was "No!" Not with actual words, but with a definitive shaking of his head and with eyes that pleaded with me not to embarrass him.

So I honored my son's wishes. And inwardly vowed to do everything that I could to never embarrass my son. Middle school will be challenging enough on its own. And I am ready to do everything I can to be his biggest supporter.

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