Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog It Forward

People often ask me why I blog. Beyond the obvious reasons of chronicling my children's lives and having an outlet for me to vent share my feelings about parenting and life, it's really about the community. A community that bans together to let you know you're not alone, a community that lifts you up when you're down and a community that supports each other in crisis (even if you've never met in real life).

The love and support in this community is simply amazing to me.

That's why I am planning on joining Amelia and other Cleveland area bloggers on Dec. 3 to support Anissa Mayhew, who last week suffered her second stroke at the young age of 35. I've never met Anissa, but have followed her story of how she's survived year's of cancer treatments with her daughter (who just last week celebrated 1 year of being cancer free).

Thanks to Amelia for spearheading this wonderful event. I hope to meet you all there!

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Loukia said...

If I lived in your city, I too would attend to help support this beautiful mother! Have fun! And more than anything, I wish and pray for Anissa's full recovery...

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