Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Like mother, like daughter

I grew up playing volleyball. And despite a horribly weak and awkward start in the 7th grade (yes, organized sports didn't start until middle school way back when), I ended up being pretty good at the sport and played all through college.

With so many fond memories of volleyball experiences tucked in my heart and mind, I always dreamed that one day my little girl would follow-up in her momma's footsteps.

But one little thing kept getting in the way.

My daughter didn't like sports. Period.

I tried for years to talk her into playing, but backed off when her resistance flaired. Never wanting to turn her off entirely to the idea.

Until this year, when she agreed to "try" volleyball.

I was over the moon when she expressed interest, albeit a hesitant interest. So I signed her up immediately.

And now, my little girlie is loving volleyball.

It's the little things in life that make me happy...and full of pride.


kakaty said...

Yay! Go Miss B!

amy said...

My oldest like V-bal too. We have to take advantage of her height and at 8 she is almost 5 ft tall.
I wish she would follow in my footsteps, I was a dancer and a diver. Maybe the other girl in my life...

Aunt Shari said...

Yeah!!!!! She looks like she has some good form too! Step to the target baby!!!!!

Rima said...

Volleyball is an awesome sport. I used to play in high school, but I was never a very good spiker.

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