Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Share the Shearer's

I'm a snacker...one that admittedly can go overboard if I allow myself, especially with chips. And that's why I typically don't have these crunchy treats in the house. I have no self-control.

But when Shearer's approached me to be part of their Share the Shearer's campaign so I could share their new, healthier versions of chips with friends, I couldn't help but jump in. And I knew the perfect group to test them out on.

Teenage boys.

When the samples arrived I found a huge box filled with these:

After successfully hiding the box of yummy temptations from my son for a week (he would have been surely tempted), I hosted a large group of hungry teenage boys (many of whom were on my son's lacrosse team). I asked them for one thing... their honest opinions. And as expected, there was no clear-cut concensus.

"I love the barbeque flavor. And they're not nearly as greasy as normal chips."

"I'm not diggin' the sour cream and onion, but I LOVE the Cinnamon Shapers. My mom NEEDS to get these, they're so good."

"I didn't think I'd like the RiceWorks chips, but the Salsa Fresca is actually my favorite."

Some of my taste-testers...showing off their favorites

While the boys were impressed with the chips themselves, I was equally as impressed with the company behind the snacks. For starters, Shearer's is long-time family owned company located just outside of Cleveland. (Yes, I give bonus points for the a hometown company.)

Also, as my blog friend Cleveland Foodie describes in great detail, Shearer’s is THE greenest food manufacturing plant in the world. Simply impressive.

I also give major props for Shearer's iniative to make snacking healthier. I know eating chips isn't the same as snacking on fruits and vegetables, but we all have indulgences and it’s good to know that when we do – or give snacks to our kids – that a lot of the bad stuff, like saturated fat, has been taken out.

For those of you who are curious, the top "vote-getters" of the night were Barbeque, Classic and Shapers Cinnamon Whole Grain Chips.  As for me, I preferred the RiceWorks chips.

Disclosure: Shearer's provided me with chips to sample and a Heinen's gift card to supplement our party with food. The opinions are strictly our own.


emily said...

I lack self-control when it comes to chips too! I'll have to give these a try!

kakaty said...

I'm pretty sure that hosting a chip party made you the best mom on the lacrosse team

Shari said...

We enjoyed the leftovers! Our favorites were the classic and rippled!!! Who can go wrong with potatoes, oil, and salt???

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