Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Her Very Own Halloween Par-Tay

Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays (it’s kind of hard to go trick or treating in the rural countryside where neighbors are miles apart), but for Miss B, Halloween has quickly become one of her favorite holidays.

For months, she has been planning her first annual Halloween Costume Bash for 10 of her closest friends. She’s diligently researched invitations, Halloween recipes and found outstanding deals on decorations. Goodies bags were lovingly created and games with prizes were planned with excitement.

Her dream job after all (at least right now) is to be a party planner…and she was totally in her element.

Her menu was festively themed…apples “mouths” with almond teeth, “finger food” made with cheese sticks and bell pepper “nails,” and the last minute addition of “mummy toes” (after her long planned for candy corn pizza didn’t turn out so well).




Costumes were paraded and judged (my favorites were Thanksgiving dinner and a certain Mad Hatter, of course.)


And games, like pumpkin bowling and mummy wrapping, were played with animated excitement…


She saved bobbing for apples for the end and I learned that in order to get kids to dunk their faces well below the water you have to remove the stems first…oh well, I guess I’ll know better next year.



Miss B deemed the party a huge success and is already looking forward to her next bash (which if she had it her way would be for Thanksgiving…my girlie likes to party).


Anonymous said...

love, love, love her! she is ingenious and I love that you let her do her thing .... awesome!

amy said...

She is brilliant! Does she hire out for class parties? Just asking:-)

Krystyn said...

Seriously...she throws and plans the best parties. Awesome.

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