Monday, July 16, 2012

Conquering fears...high dive style

Yesterday, Miss B and I spent a glorious afternoon at the beach with Pauline and her 3 energetic children.

Photos courtesy of OHmommy

It was full of everything a weekend beach experience should be...kiddos frolicking in the water for hours on end and two friends relaxing on the shore, catching up in lounge chairs (the only thing missing was a fruity drink...we'll have to correct that next time P ;)

After enjoying the water slide and trampoline, Pauline's children quickly became enamored with the high dive, something that Miss B had never ventured on in the years we've been a member of the Club. After they all quickly (and easily) passed the swimming test to go on the high dive, they all swam out to the deep end for their next challenge.

Pauline and I watched from the shore and placed bets that Lola, her fearless middle child would be the only one that would actually jump. Jay and Miss B are cut from the same cloth and aren't the most adventurous sort and the high dive was definitely something out of their comfort zone (and mine too, but we'll get to that later).

Lola went first and within seconds had quickly taken the plunge. Jay quickly followed and jumped as well (much to Pauline's surprise). After yelling words of praise to them, we encouraged Miss B to jump as well. "It's not scary, is it Lola and Jay?" "I know you can do it...just try it once."

And that's where I thought it would end. She'd say "No" and I wouldn't push (as I've learned that only makes things worse for her).

But she surprised me when she yelled out and said "I'll do it if YOU do it Momma!"

I didn't want to stifle her courage, so I started swimming to the dock and before you know it, she was doing this...

And being a Mom of my word, I quickly found myself taking the plunge too.

It was a day I'll always remember...not only were we surrounded by friends, but it was a day that Miss B and I both stepped out of our comfort zone. Together.


OHmommy said...

Love! I love everything about this post. Especially how you picked "energetic" to describe my children. Thank you. So glad we captured your daughter's first dive and yours too!

Shari said...

AWWWW!!!! How cool! What a great experience and well written post. Now off to cartwheels, right?

amy said...

Good for you to climbing up to Miss B challenge. Great for her to cage that fear. Iz is like that too. Her sister jumped off the high dive, went down the slide before her. Now I can't get them off the boards just wish they would follow my footsteps and actually learn to dive off the boards:-) next time we could come too and I will bring the umbrella drinks LOL

kakaty said...

This is so awesome - everything about it. As a kid I LOVED the high dive and spent most of my pool time climbing up and jumping down. About 6-7 years ago I was at a place with one and climbed up - no big deal. But when I got out on the end of the board it took everything I had to jump. I was scared to death. Funny how age makes us more fearless in some areas and more fearful in others.

Anonymous said...

Love! (the story AND that you're writing again!)

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