Monday, March 04, 2013

40 is the new 30 (or so I'm told)

Today I turn 40.

Many people I've talked to about my approaching birthday can't believe I'm really "that old." (I guess I have my Mom's wonderful genes to thank for that.) 

But it's hard for me to believe that I'm really 40. Not in the sense that I've dreaded turning 40, because I haven''s just a number to me. What is hard for me to put my brain around is the fact I'm already at this milestone and I still don't really feel like a 40-year-old woman. I know that I've long since passed my teenage years, but how is it possible that I'm an adult that is approaching her 20th wedding anniversary and my oldest son is nearing 15 (and will be driving soon)?

Am I the only one that struggles with really feeling like a "grown up?"

With the coming of my 40th birthday, many have asked how I've fared with my 40x40 Challenge. Well, I've accomplished many things...

  • Consult on a Public Relations project (thrilled to be working with Sonali and her team at Goldfish Swim School)
  • Eat at Hodge's  (amazing...need to eat here more often)
  • Visit the West Side Market.  (thanks to my dear friend Kate for going with me)

  • Take time to read more books. 
  • Mail cards or letter to people who have meant something to me in my lifetime. (a huge blessing)
  • Have a picnic on the shores of Lake Erie. (one of my earliest challenge accomplishments)

  • Eat vegetarian for a week. (surprisingly not as difficult as I anticipated)
  • Organize monthly dinners with my sisters. (Love. Love. Love spending time with my family.)
  • Stay with my 96 year old grandfather for a weekend 
  • Visit the new Cleveland Aquarium.
  • Get a deep-tissue massage.
  • Buy my first pair of Frye boots. 

  • Go more green in our house. (recycling bins have been in place for a few months now)
  • Do 25 consecutive full-body (boy-style) pushups. (not as hard as I expected thanks to my workouts at Living Lean)
  • Meet Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman)... If nothing else, I'd love for her to befriend me on Twitter (OK, I didn't technically meet her, but she tweeted me...and I am planning on meeting her in 2013 when she comes to Ohio for her holiday cookbook tour)

  • Build something with my son.
  • Complete a Living Lean workout without feeling out of breath at the end. 
  • Clean up my Google Reader so it only includes that blogs I love to read daily.
  • Take a day off to spend by myself, doing anything my heart desires. (Solo shopping trips and a massage does a heart good)

And others are in progress, but not totally complete...

  • Bring volleyball back into my life. 
  • Paint.  
  • Host and/or organize a fashion swap (a spring swap is in the works with Amelia)
  • Make every flavor in Jeni's ice cream cookbook. (I don't think I realized there were more than 100 recipes in her book, but man, oh man, are they good. We've probably made around 20-25.)
  • Go out for drinks, Mexican food & dancing with my husband (we've had dinner and drinks...still need to work on the dancing)
  • Purge the un-needed clutter in my life.  (Can this ever be complete? But I've made great steps so far)
  • Plan our 20th anniversary trip.  (We know where and when, just need to make the arrangements)
  • Volunteer with a local charity. (Volunteered at a food bank during a holiday visit to Michigan, but nothing local yet)
  • Watch classic movies. (I can now say I've watched Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Shawshank Redemption...I still feel like a movie illiterate though)
  • Fit in my wedding dress. (Can zip it up to my bra line...guess I'm broader up top)
  • Make a photo book from our family trip to Hawaii 
  • Kick negative habits to the curb (ie, eating when I'm bored and worrying over unnecessary things) (There are days I think I've tackled this and then there are others where I know I have not)

And a handful haven't even been tackled yet...
  • Zip-lining. 
  • Run 1 mile without stopping.
  • Visit my friend in Chicago.  
  • Enjoy a day of shopping with girlfriends. (sadly my annual shopping trip to Easton with my college girlfriends wasn't scheduled...anyone up for a day of shopping?)
  • Own an iPhone
  • Organize a blogger event for a friend's business.
  • Give yoga another try.
  • Spend a day alone with each of my children.
  • Donate blood.  

Looks like I still have a lot to tackle in my 40th year...stay tuned!

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Naomi Hattaway said...

You've accomplished SO SO much!!

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