Thursday, August 16, 2012

My 40 x 40 Challenge - part 1

A high school friend recently posted on Facebook that she was putting together a list of 40 things she wanted to experience and/or accomplish by her impending 40th birthday.

The idea intrigued me. And I told her I might join her in the challenge.

I'll be turning 40 next March and haven't given it much thought (as age is just a number to me and I don't feel that old, despite what my children think ;) But, I've been mulling it over for nearly a week now and I've come up with half of my 40 x 40 Challenge list:

1. Consult on a Public Relations project (separate from my PR agency job)...I've never pushed myself on this front and it will be great to get me out of my comfort zone. Bonus...I've already got this one started. ;)

2. Zip-lining.

3. Eat at Hodge's ...a new downtown Cleveland restaurant owned by one of my favorite food truck chefs Chris Hodgson.

4.  Bring volleyball back into my life. The Olympics sparked my interest in the sport I've always loved (and played all the way through college). Whether it's watching a local high school and/or college team, volunteering as a coach or playing myself, just being involved in volleyball will bring me much happiness.

5. Run 1 mile without stopping. This will be a challenge. I do not love running at all. Actually, I quite honestly hate it (especially after having to run so much in my youth). But I want to push myself to get past those feelings and see what my body can do if my mind allows it.

6.  Paint. I was actually an art minor in college, but life quickly took over and I didn't paint for years...until last year when I helped my daughter create artwork for her room. Creating things make me happy, so this is a definite on my list.

7. Visit the West Side Market. While I didn't grow up in Cleveland, I've lived in the Cleveland area for more than a dozen years and I've never once visited the iconic market.

8. Host and/or organize a fashion swap. I've attended one in the past, and have a pile of clothes waiting to exchange.Who's interested?

9. Take time to read more books.

10. Make every flavor in Jeni's ice cream cookbook. My husband and I both LOVE her ice cream and have enjoyed making her artisan ice cream at home. So far, we've made 3... :)

11. Mail 40 cards or letter to people who have meant something to me in my lifetime.

12.  Have a picnic on the shores of Lake Erie.

13. Go out for drinks, Mexican food & dancing with my husband (yes, the dancing will be the challenge in this one ;)

14. Purge the un-needed clutter in my life. Granted this is not very exciting, but it would make me ever so happy to finally cross this off my to-do list.

15. Eat vegetarian for a week.

16. Visit my friend in Chicago. I've never been to Chicago (beyond the airport)...and now I have a perfect tour guide (and free place to stay)

17. Plan our 20th anniversary trip. Hard to believe we'll be celebrating this milestone already. But I cannot wait.

18. Organize monthly dinners with my sisters. Shamefully, even though 2 of my 3 sisters live within 30 minutes of me, we rarely see each other. This must change.

19. Stay with my 96 year old grandfather for a weekend, giving my parents a much needed break.

20. Volunteer with a local charity.

I've already started many of these, but I need more ideas. What should I add to my list to finish up my 40 x 40 challenge?


Anonymous said...

WELL ... you COULD add "Visit Singapore" onto that list. :)

Looking good so far!

kakaty said...

I'm taking you on a WSM shopping trip! Cross that one off :)

Trying to think of things that don't cost a ton and are local...
spend an entire day in the city: Morning at the art museum, lunch at Noodlecat, afternoon shopping in Gordon Square and Tremont, show at Playhouse Square, dinner at Hodges (see, it could be a double cross-off!)

Girls overnight at a winery in the Finger Lakes region

Day trip or overnight with each kid individually

And I still think you should go sky diving!

Shari said...

I do love how I made the list! ;)

How about visit a place that only Cleveland has to offer (rock hall, museums)

Eat nothing processed for a week

Take pics of your daughter in your wedding dress (or u 2)

Bench press your body weight

and my favorite - go on a missions trip with one of your kids

Anonymous said...

Have a girls riding/camping weekend with me at a horseman's camp in one of Ohio's beautiful state parks! :-)

OHmommy said...

Fun! What an awesome idea. I am totally going to steal this idea from you.

Andrea said...

I know kakaty is tying to get you to go sky diving, and IF you choose to do it, I recommend Cleveland Parachute in Garrettsville! We went when we were in our early 20's (back when we had no Little Ones depending on us) and did their program where you take a four hour class, then you jump with two instructors, but you're not attached you anyone. You get to pull your own chute, float yourself down, and land on your own! The ONLY way to do it! :)

amy said...

Ok I will do west side market with you since I haven't been there in 20 + years. Sad but true. Also I can also do the clothing swap with you and Katy. How about a book club for reading. We love close by why not.
Now I am thinking 50 before 50. I have a couple of years. You inspire me;-) hugs and love.
Happy birthday soon.

JA Reece said...

How about bring flowers to all of your co-workers? No? OK, I'll move on.

How about purchase those Frye boots you've always wanted?

And... try a belly-dancing class.

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