Thursday, August 30, 2012

Charged our Chevy Volt

It's no secret that our family is a GM family. But I've never been so proud/excited to own a GM vehicle than I am now...for you see, we're now the proud owners of a Chevy Volt. Yes, a Volt, as in an electric car. And it's so darn cool.

My husband has been eyeing the Volt since it launched a few years ago, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd own one. The sequence of events happened quickly (as my husband was able to snag a great deal on our Volt which had only 118 miles when we bought it) and last weekend, we drove our Crimson Volt home.

While my husband could explain how the Volt works in much greater detail, essentially I plug my car into a regular 110 volt outlet whenever I'm home and charge the car's battery with electricty. When the battery is fully charged (it takes 8 hours to fully charge and empty battery) I am able to drive 40 miles without having to use one drop of gas. That's right...NO GAS on my regular daily commute. And if I have to drive more than 40 miles on one charge, it automatically switches to the gas powered engine seamlessly. I don't have to do a thing...just enjoy the 35-40 miles per gallon mileage.

We've had a lot of fun exploring all the cool features of our new family car. It's fun to watch the  screen that shows where the power is coming from while we're driving (when I coast or break, the energy is captured back into the essence recharging itself while I'm driving). And it pretty cool to see the lifetime MPG increase more and more as I drive it on the battery.

And did I mention it's quite? So quiet in fact that if you're standing outside the car when it's on, you cannot hear anything.

I can honestly say that the Volt is by far, my favorite GM car to own/drive...ever.

Now who wants a test drive ? ;)


amy said...

How fun!! Love the color too. I have a hybrid and love the fact that a 9 gallon tank can last me almost 400 miles. Enjoy and have fun!

Shari said...

I'll take a test drive!!!

Sebastian Gaydos said...

That would mean that dreams do come true! Congrats for having a new car! I can’t blame you for wanting this Chevy Volt. It is absolutely perfect! From the sleek build to the plush exterior, this car speaks of beauty and performance. Aside from its stylish design, this electric car is fuel-efficient. Studies indicate that it can save you a stunning $ 7,600 in fuel cost in a span of five years, compared with average vehicles.

Tyra Shortino said...

Lavish interior, shiny chrome, cool gadgets – what’s not to love? I must admit that I, too, fell in love with your new car! It is a dream to see this beautiful auto in your garage, and driving this cute Chev is an ultimate pleasure! This car would surely capture the attention of people on the street.

Nettie Christensen said...

“My husband has been eyeing the Volt since it launched a few years ago, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd own one.”--- Well, it really feels great, doesn’t it? It’s amazing that you guys were able to have it. My sister is planning to purchase this car too. We’ll see if she can have it by the first quarter of next year! :)

Clint Moore said...

It may be a bit late, but I want to congratulate you on your new ride. And I think you have quite a taste for fine vehicles. And I cannot blame you for taking a shine on this Chevy Volt. What I love about this vehicle is it offers a lot of convenience to the owner. The electric-speed proportional steering wheel makes driving a breeze. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is one stunning car! It's fine interior and very modern features make for a very pleasant driving experience. Did you know that its air conditioning compressor is run by a high voltage motor to maximize electrical efficiency? Also, it is quite unfortunate to know that the Chevy Volt doesn’t have a spare tire, though there is a tire repair kit and air compressor that comes with it.

Sara Anthony

Bob G. said...

One of the first things I noticed after getting our volt was that it had no blind spot?! (all cars have a blind spot?) It is the best car I have ever owned!...and I've owned a lot. With a little simple energy management, you can easily turn out 100plus MPG..Actually I find myself getting miffed if I have to use gas...Heck I'll be happy to do one of those Chevy commercials...I seem to do one every time I go to the grocery store!

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