Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My 40 x 40 Challenge - part 2

You wouldn't think that putting together a list of 40 things to do/experience before my 40th birthday would be that difficult. But putting together a "bucket list" is not as easy as one would think (at least for me). The second half of my 40 x 40 Challenge has been a little more difficult to put together...but I've finally completed my list. And I'm proud to say that I'm already well on my way in checking off many items on my Challenge list.

21. Watch classic movies that I've never seen. I'm talking Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, The Godfather, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, etc. I know, I know, it's sad. I think this list will give me great inspiration.

22. Visit the new Cleveland Aquarium. Shouldn't be too difficult since I've already won free admission tickets.

23.Fit in my wedding dress. I'm not that far from my wedding weight (10+ pounds in nearly 20 years isn't that bad, right).

24. Organize a blogger event for a friend's business. I love all things social media and this should be fun to put together.

25. Get a deep-tissue massage.

26. Enjoy a day of shopping with girlfriends.

27. Own an iPhone

28. Buy my first pair of Frye boots. I first learned of Frye boots from The Pioneer Woman (see #33 below) and I've wanted a pair ever since.

29.Go more green in our house. I definitely need to make a better effort on this. Our new Volt is a great step, and we need to up our efforts on recycling and reusing/re-purposing things.  

30. Give yoga another try. I took one yoga class years ago and to be honest, I wasn't a fan. I didn't feel like I was getting a workout. But like running, I think I need to kick that conception to the curb and give it another try.

31. Do 25 consecutive full-body (boy-style) pushups. 

32. Kick negative habits to the curb. For me, this would be eating when I'm bored and worrying over unnecessary things.

33. Meet Ree Drummond...a girl can dream big, right? I love everything about The Pioneer Woman. Her country values, her love of family, her awesome recipes, and her quirky sense of humor. If nothing else, I'd love for her to befriend me on Twitter (afterall, she's already friends with a few of my friends already ;)

34. Spend a day alone with each of my children. Quality alone time is difficult to say the least but the time we do spend together alone is always a relationship builder.

35. Make a photo book from our family trip to Hawaii...more than 3 years after our trip, but better late than never.

36.  Build something with my son. Perhaps it's constructing raised garden bed frames or a shelf for storage in the basement.

37. Complete a Living Lean workout without feeling out of breath at the end. Especially with "Part C."

38. Clean up my Google Reader so it only includes that blogs I love to read daily.

39.  Donate blood. Shamefully, I've never done this before.

40.  Take a day off to spend by myself, doing anything my heart desires.


Anonymous said...

Your part #2 is awesome!! Can't wait to see you fill in with the "HAVE DONE IT" posts!

amy said...

Love it. I can loan you movies for 21 and go shopping with you and hold your hand to donate blood. Let me know if you need help crossing things off. I should do a list for 50.

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