Monday, October 08, 2012

My first West Side Market visit

The West Side Market is one of Cleveland's celebrated treasures. While this iconic indoor public food market is in the midst of its 100th anniversary (and even the President stopped in this week following a campaign visit) I had yet to step foot in one of Cleveland's coolest destinations. I know, it's crazy, but true.

As I was putting together my 40 x 40 Challenge, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to for me to see the West Side Market first hand. And when my friend Kate offered to go with me, I knew it would be an experience I would treasure forever.

We arrived early (a key point in making sure you can beat the weekend crowds and secure a free parking space) and I came armed with a list of recommendations from many of my Cleveland area friends. From ground bacon at Meister Foods, to pretzel mice at Vera's Nationality Bakery and hummus from Judy's Oasis Gormet Middle Eastern Food...from fresh pasta from Ohio City Pasta and handmade pierogies from Pierogie Palace to lunch at my favorite Noodlecat. It was a food lover's paradise. And I was in heaven. 

And of course, what visit to the West Side Market would be complete without a fresh crepe from Crepes De Luxe the 20+ minute line would attest for.  As a bonus Kate and I were able to secure seats in the balcony level to enjoy our morning breakfast. So perfect.

I cannot thank my friend enough for helping me check off one of my 40 x 40 bucket list items. 

And for helping me capture a treasured memory...both in photos and in my heart and mind.

You can bet that I'll be bringing my family back with me for many visits to come.


Randy N. Townley, M.A. said...
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Randy N. Townley, M.A. said...


Me and my wife took our kids to the WSM for the first time this last spring and what an exciting time it was. Did you have a chance to visit Steve's Gyros? That was THE BEST!!

Renee Ross said...

That crepe looks delicious. Was that a salad in it?

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