Friday, March 21, 2014

My top 10 go-to CLE tweeps

With this week's launch of Positively Cleveland's #ThisisCLE branding campaign, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite CLE folks on Twitter:

1. @lzone - A fellow PR pro, Lisa's humor comes shining through in her tweets. She's my go to source for #lzonesportstweets, marketing/PR articles and all things cardigans.

2. @kakaty - Kate is a great resource for family-friendly events and venues in CLE. Plus, she's a pretty cool chick that I'm proud to call my friend.

3. @whycle - If you want to know what's going on in CLE, there's no better source than Jen. She seems to have her finger on the pulse of Cleveland's cultural, food, fashion and non-profit scene.

4/5. @michellev & @chefswidow - Michelle and Amelia are my top choices for any foodie related recommendation in CLE. Plus, they're pretty awesome independent business women and badasses in my book.

6. @betsykling - I hate the drama created by most TV meteorologists, but Betsy has earned a place in my heart with her no nonsense approach to weather reporting. And she's engaging on Twitter, which is a huge plus in my book (and her on-air shout out to me was pretty cool too).

7. @janetcho - Speaking of engaging, Janet is a great example of how reporters should engage their readers via social media. Plus, she's a pretty impressive journalist to boot.

8. @clevelandsaplum - Alexa is one of the first bloggers I started following in CLE. I love living vicariously through her social adventures at all of Cleveland's coolest hot spots...and her watching her prep for her upcoming wedding.

9. @allisonpeltz - Allison's non-stop energy is infectious. I love following her latest adventures in fitness (running, crossfit, etc.) and can always count on her for fantastic fashion finds/recommendations.

10. @markzinni - Mark is one of my favorite CLE television personalities. Not only is he a great anchor and reporter, his self-deprecating humor is endearing. Plus, he's not afraid to use #jazzhands every now and then. He's a true #superstar in my book.

So, who made your list? I'd love to hear your recommendations for great Twitter follows.


Janet Cho said...

#DayMade! Thanks so much for this! Totally agree with the rest of your Top 10 tweeps!

Bite Buff said...

Pretty good list! Some fun CLE tweeps there.

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