Sunday, March 16, 2014

Love exemplified...

It's wonderful to see loving marriages that stand the test of time and today, as my parents celebrate their 40th anniversary today, I am proud to say that my parents are one of those couples.

Growing up, my sisters and I never questioned whether our parents loved each other. It was evident in everything they did.

Simple Expressions of Love

Not one meal went by that Daddy didn't give Mom a kiss as he left the table. This is one of the most vivid and cherished childhood memories I have of their marriage.

Loving Patience

They never raised their voices at each other (at least in the presence of their children). This loving patience is something I strive for in my own relationships.


Our parents have always been willing to sacrifice for the family, even if it meant that they had to be apart. They made sure that there was always one parent at each of our sports games or activities, even when Daddy had a job 1.5 hours away from home. With four daughters, this was a significant commitment, But never once did we hear them utter one word of complaint.

Unfailing Love

Like the vows they took, their love has endured during good times and bad. Daddy has always been was Mom’s biggest supporter. He was been there to comfort her, pray with her and always make sure she was taken care of. He has always been her pillar of strength and I love you for that Daddy.

Mom and Daddy, as you celebrate this wonderful occasion, I hope you know that the love you have and the committed, God-fearing marriage you've led are admired by all your family. I love you both forever!

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