Monday, March 10, 2014

Pinned It. Done That: Easter Peeps Centerpiece

If you're like me (and every other Midwesterner), you are desperately looking for any sign of Spring. While Mother Nature is not really pulling her part so far, I thought I'd take the first step in bringing a few pops of Spring color to our home.

I made this Easter Peeps Centerpiece last year and it was super easy and super quick. Since I already had the two square glass containers and the Gerber Daisies from last year's project, all I needed was a quick trip to Target for the Peep bunnies and jelly beans and I was set.

The cast of characters:

Step 1: Center the smaller glass vase inside the larger vase, then pour the jelly beans in the space between the two vases, until it's about halfway full.

Step 2: With an even layer of jelly beans as your base, place the Peep bunnies along the outer edge of the vase on each side.

Step 3: Now it's time for the flowers. I used artificial flowers, but you could easily use real ones. I started by placing the flowers in the inside vase and then filling in the spaces along the outer edges of the vase until I had an arrangement I liked. There's no right or wrong to this process...just keep rearranging the flowers until they make you smile.

Voila. A fresh pop of springtime if only the weather would ever decide to warm up, we'd be in business.

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Naomi Hattaway said...

So easy and great! Love it!

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