Monday, February 24, 2014

Pinned It. Done That: Gelous Nails

Continuing in my quest for trying new things, I decided to tackle an intriguing nail that promised a long-lasting gel look that lasted up to a week. I love the look of manicured nails, but they never seem to last that long for me, regardless of whether I do them myself or get a professional manicure. I've even tried my hand at the shellac manicures, and while they typically last up to 2 weeks, it can get a bit costly. So I set out to see if this Gelous Nail pin was as good as it looked. 

Day 1: The cast of characters. 

A bright shade of polish (any color, any brand), clear top coat and Gelous Nail Gel Coat. I found the Gelous at my local Sally Beauty Supply store for less than $6.

The process:

Apply a thin layer of polish, letting each layer dry for a minute or so between coats.

Coat 1 - Gelous
Coat 2 - Nail color
Coat 3 - Gelous
Coat 4 - Nail color
Coat 5 - Top coat
Coat 6 - Gelous

Let thoroughly dry.This took a while, but the finished product was a shiny, strong look.

Day 3: Chip-free manicure...I'm impressed (and yes, this is a non-traditional shot from my stopped car...I'm definitely not a beauty blogger, but a proud GM family member through and through.)

 Day 5:  First sign of chipping (yes, I know my cuticles look awful...I blame the winter...or just laziness. Does anyone want to gift me with a professional manicure? ;)

Day 6: Still going strong with only minor chipping.

Day 7: The love story comes to an end...chipping has started to become much more evident.

The verdict: 

Call me impressed. I went in expecting chips by day 2 or 3, but was wowed that this at home manicure lasted for a week before the chipping became prominent. I will definitely be adding this to my beauty arsenal.

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