Monday, February 17, 2014

Pinned It. Done That: Words on Canvas

I've fallen in and out of love with Pinterest for more than a year now. Over the course of time, I, along with the help of my daughter, have pinned thousands of ideas. But that's as far as many of the inspirations have gone. With a self-imposed goal of bringing more creativity to my life in 2014, I've found myself turning to my Pinterest boards for inspiration (I mean seriously, those thousands of Pins aren't doing anyone any good just sitting there ;)

One words on canvas concept  pinned by my new friend, Jenny, caught my attention. It looked like a simple concept for me to launch my new "Pinned That. Done That" series, so I set out to Michael's to gather the supplies to recreate it. 

My original intent was to mimic the Love theme/design in the pin, but I wasn't able to find the letters I needed. But I did find several other words that had meaning to me, so I took this "new" concept and ran with it.

Step 1:  Arrange the wooden letters/words in a visually appealing layout on a plain white canvas (for those of you wondering, the MLW2 is derived from the fact that my husband and I share the same initials).

Step 2:  Attach the letters to the canvas. I used a leftover can of spray adhesive from another project, but hot glue would have worked just as well.

Step 3: Once the adhesive had dried (about 30 minutes), it's time to paint. I used a white spray paint but you can easily use a white acrylic paint applied with a paintbrush, it will just take a little longer to paint. I ended up having to go back for another can of spray paint to apply a second full coat.

Step 4: Figure out where to hang your masterpiece as the paint dries. I decided to hang this in our guest bathroom and opted to hand paint a charcoal colored border along the outside edge of the canvas, to give it a little extra pop against the wall.

Step 5: Admire your craftiness...and move this Pin to your "Pinned That. Done That" board.


Naomi Hattaway said...

I'm not crafty person by nature, but I do find the odd job satisfying and THIS one fits the bill. Love it!

Britt Reints said...

I've been trying to actually follow through with some of my pins, too.

The charcoal border was the perfect touch! Good job. :-)

Jenny said...

I'm excited to follow along with this series! I've been wanting to do this pin for our bedroom and now I really want to do it! I love the charcoal boarder too. Great idea!

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