Sunday, February 09, 2014

My Reverse Bucket List

Confession...I've never had a bucket list.

I'm not sure why, really, but I've never felt the strong desire to put one together. But when I saw a post about a reverse bucket list, it made me pause. What an intriguing concept. Taking time to reflect on the great things I've already done...already accomplished...or already experienced.

So this past week, I set out with my notebook in hand and starting jotting down items for my own reverse bucket list. As I reflect back on my nearly 41 years, I can say that I have:

  • Traveled to Hawaii 4 times (it's one of my husband's and my favorite places on Earth)
  • Played in two State Championship volleyball games. And won once.
  • Played volleyball on 3 continents (including 2 international sports exchange trips to China, New Zealand & Australia when I was in high school)
  • Endured 2 natural childbirths (with the aid of epidurals)
  • Sat in 4th row of the Glamour Women of the Year ceremony (and was THIS close to Oprah, Julia Roberts, Katie Couric, Fergie and so many more celebrities)
  • Booked a Today show segment (before my guest abruptly decided he wouldn't travel to New York after all)
  • Earned a PRSA Silver Anvil (it's like winning an Oscar in the public relations industry)
  • Visited Disney for the first time in my 30s
  • Run in more 5K races than I have ever wanted to
  • Received unsolicited tweets from Jillian Michaels and Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman).
  • Earned the right to go the Ohio State Fair in 4-H (thank goodness there is no photographic evidence of the hot pink jumpsuit I sewed). 
  • Graduated college with honors
  • Paid off my student loans in 1 year 
  • Swam with dolphins (until I started hyperventilating with the snorkel mask)
  • Climbed a spiral staircase to the top of the Statue of Liberty's torch (it was here that I first discovered my fear of extreme heights)
  • Led a marketing seminar
  • White water rafted with my Daddy and sisters
  • Coached my daughter in volleyball
  • Loved my children and husband with all my heart

My is good.


Naomi Hattaway said...

I think it IS so cool to explore the reverse bucket list concept. What a great way to reflect on one's life!

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE said...

I love this idea! I think I'll try this in addition to my regular bucket list :)

By the way, how on earth did you pay off your student loans in one year? That's amazing!

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