Thursday, December 14, 2006

Two down, one to go

Mike's been away for two weeks now and we're definitely all really missing him. I guess it helps to know that we only have one week left until he comes home. Before he left, he had a long chat with the kids about having better behavior for Mom and believe it or not, it's actually worked. Miss Monkey has been great at bed-time and the kids haven't been bickering nearly as that I think about it, maybe they're just on their best behavior for Santa ;o)

The holiday preparations have been pretty stress-free (thanks mostly to Mom & Dad watching the kids last weekend so I could do the holiday shopping). The tree/decoration went up Thanksgiving weekend, the presents are wrapped and we've been listening to Christmas music each night instead of watching TV. Miss Monkey definitely seems to be enjoying everything the holidays bring and is learning many new Christmas songs. Mr. B only has four more days of school until winter break and is counting down.

We're looking forward to seeing all our family in the coming weeks (and to spending more than a week straight with Mike ;o)

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