Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back to reality

Well, the holidays are over and Miss Monkey's birthday is yet a memory--I guess that means that we have to get back to the reality of normal everyday life.

Mike has returned to Atlanta for a final (hopefully) two-week trip. He'll be driving to Tennessee for a plant visit on Friday and then back to Atlanta next week. The kids and I have resumed work/school, so I guess everything has returned to normal.

As I write this, Mr. B and Miss Monkey are working on some balloon art (like the kind clowns do with the long thin balloons). So far, Mr. B has made a hat for Miss Monkey and a sword for himself...and there's only been a few balloons pop ;o)
Miss Monkey has recovered from several days of tummy aches and is one the mend. I can always tell when she doesn't feel well...she stops eating, which is soooo unlike her. Today, she actually ate three meals, which is the first time in nearly a week.

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