Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Triple the fun

Miss Monkey has become very good friends with triplet girls that are in her class. She has invited them to come over to the house twice, but both times someone ended up being sick and they couldn't make it. I guess the old adage "Third Time is a Charm" really proved correct, as our third invitation for a play date worked out. On Sunday, the three girls and their mom came over to play. The mom only intended staying a few minutes at the beginning as they got settled in, but ended up staying the whole time. She and I really had a nice visit and enjoyed getting to know each other. She admitted at the end that it was really nice to have adult conversation...she rarely gets that as she has the triplet girls and two-year old quads at home too!

Miss Monkey and her friends played dress up, made crafts and jewelry (she saved them from her princess party they weren't able to attend) and just had a great time. As the girls we're leaving, they asked if Bailey could come over...the very next day. I smiled at their Mom, as I had just predicted that this would happen.

Mr. B was a trooper during the visit. He kept himself occupied for the most part, but did hang around a bit at the table when they were working on the crafts. He wanted to have a friend over too, but since I didn't know what to expect with three friends over, I was leary to add another boy to the mix. I reminded him that he's had a friend over many times when Miss Monkey did not...believe it or not, he actually seemed to understand and didn't mind too much. I guess it didn't hurt that Mike was still home too ;o)

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