Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

We aren't traveling anywhere for Easter this year, so we wanted to wish all our family and friends a happy and blessed Easter.

On Friday, Miss Monkey had a sleepover at her cousin Abby's and then we joined up with her at their church's Easter egg hunt. Of course, mother nature was not super cooperative and blanketed us with about 4-5 inches a result they decided to have the hunt inside the church. Mr. B and Miss Monkey took home quite a haul with more than 100 eggs each, plus a special Easter basket filled with toys and a singing animal...Mr. B's is a monkey that sings "Roller Coaster" and Miss Monkey's is a frog that sings "Crazy in Love." We spent quite a bit of time opening all the eggs and then deciding what candy to keep. I was really proud that they gave away about 3/4 of the candy (afterall, how much can one child eat ;o)

Mr. B then got to go to a friends birthday party at a bowling was delayed a couple weeks ago because of the big blizzard.

P.S. I forgot to post that Miss Monkey lost her top tooth this week!

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