Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

The kids are off this week on spring break and since Mike and I are working this week, I'm going to try and fill the evenings with fun activities for them. Yesterday, I took them to Chuck E Cheese and they had a ball playing all the games. Tonight will be family game night (Mr. B is itching to play a new "board" game he just bought...Heroscape) I think tomorrow we might go bowling.

I've finally found a gymnastics class that Miss Monkey can take (everything I found for her age was always held during the time I'm at work or she was at school). She'll be starting a 9 week class next Thursday and she can't wait.

I was also able to sign Mr. B up for baseball, despite a debacle I had in his registration. He brought home the form last month and when I looked at it I thought it said the deadline was March 28. When I pulled the form out this past weekend I realized the deadline was Feb. 28...fortunately I called and there is still space so I was able to get him signed up...if not, I might have really been in Mr. B's doghouse ;o)

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