Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creativity at Work

My little girl. She's feisty. Independent. Caring. And Creative. My family has often referred to me as the creative one, but I think Miss Monkey can top me any day. Last weekend during her brother's basketball game she illustrated a book she had written, The Huge Monkey. It was a story of how a huge monkey captured Mommy and it was up to her cousins, Super Mia and Super Phillip, to save her. Their weapon of choice? A gigantic banana. And yes, Mommy was in fact saved to live another day.

My Miss Monkey. She's only 7.

Last night she chose to forgo TV time to "decorate." That was all she said as she went upstairs to her room. After several minutes of not hearing anything, I ventured up to see what "decorating" really entailed. For some little girls that might mean putting up posters or hanging streamers and balloons. Not my Miss Monkey (remember she's creative;o). She chose to decorate an artificial tree we have in the upstairs hallway...with key chains and stuffed animals. If you look closely, you'll see a little monkey. Can you tell monkeys are her latest obsession?

A few weeks ago, after I had to "talk" to Mr. B about a situation, I came into the kitchen to find that she had created a fruit plate for us to enjoy. Do you notice the care she took in arranging the fruit? Maybe I'm biased, but really, what little one does this kind of thing?

Miss Monkey has a passion and love of life that I hope she never loses. She inspires me every day.

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Krystyn said...

That fruit plate is too cute.

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