Friday, January 29, 2010

A night to remember

As I've been seeking better balance, I've been trying to consciously focus more on my relationship with my children. Giving them more of my undivided attention. And even trying to carve in some individual, alone time with each one.

This past weekend, I racked up some major "mommy points" when I treated Mr. B to a Cavs game (with pretty decent seats behind the basket). In doing so, not only had I fulfilled a promise I made earlier to Mr. B, but it gave us some much needed one-on-one time and an opportunity to reconnect while enjoying something we both liked.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be able to take him again this season. Until I received a note from a friend asking if I wanted to use her two season tickets for a game on Wednesday. It took a little finagling (and walking a bit of a tightrope with Miss Monkey...who was not super excited that I was doing something without her) but I was able to secure childcare and happily accepted the offer.

On the way to the arena, I told Mr. B about the fantastic seats we had been given, but he seemed unconvinced as he thought the best seats were the ones we enjoyed behind the basket just a few days prior. That is until we actually walked to our seats and saw the AWESOME view we had right in front of the Cavs bench (with a perfect view of his sports idols, Lebron and Shaq).

With plenty of time before tip-off, we ventured onto the concourse and were almost immediately approached by a member of the Cavs Crew (that is responsible for the in-arena entertainment). He explained that they were hosting a competition during a 4th quarter timeout and asked if Mr. B wanted to participate for a chance to win a prize. He instantly agreed, never once showing any hesitation of competing in front of 20,000+ fans.

To say he was giddy (at least in respect to my son's demeanor) was an understatement. Text messages were sent to his friends (although he wouldn't let me see them, I'm pretty confident it was about the contest).

As the game started, we enjoyed great views of his favorite team and players:

At the end of the third quarter, I reminded him that the competition was just for fun and he shouldn't get upset if he didn't win. We then met up with the Cavs Crew on the sidelines where they explained that he would need to race to put on a hockey jersey and pants, then using a hockey stick, guide a ball through a course and shoot the ball into a hockey net (which was being guarded by the Lake Erie Monsters hockey goalie). Unfortunately, my position on the sideline corner did not grant me an ideal view of the competition, (you can see him putting on the hockey jersey in the top left photo below). Mr. B took the early lead and quickly made his way to the goal, but missed his first shot...fortunately for him, the girl he was competing against was far behind and his second shot went in...and the announcer exclaimed that "THE WINNER IS MR. B!"

Before heading back to our seats, we were able to grab a quick souvenir photo with the Cavs announcer. I just LOVE the genuine smile and happiness that is exuding from Mr. B's face.

By winning the competition, Mr. B won tickets to a Lake Erie Monsters hockey game for our entire section and he also went home with a cool Cavs prize pack. I was SO proud and happy that he had experienced something few people ever do. And the best part was that he was pretty darn happy too...and for this mom, that was the biggest reward!


Heather said...

So awesome for Mr. B and woohoo Mom!

The girls are going to a Cavs game this Sunday with their Aunt & Uncle. Because Nick needed 5 tickets (gpa is going as well) They have pretty decent seats from what I hear. Going to have to remind the girls to take their cameras with them.

We NEED to get together with the kiddos soon, I miss you girlie. Do you want to try to go to the chalet for some Toboggoning (okay the kids can toboggon, we can take photos and sip warm stuff..LOL) Call me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Aw ... I love it ...

So sweet and special!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Allison M. said...

He looks so excited!

I need to get my behind to a Cavs game this season - I still haven't been to one.

Krystyn said...

Seriously, you scored MAJOR points with this. Good seats, just mommy and Mr. B and getting to meet the guys.

Now, what are you going to do for Miss Monkey?

Anonymous said...
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