Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

I must admit that in years past, I've taken the easy route with teacher appreciation gifts...taking a parent up on her offer to collect money to get the teacher a big gift card. EZPY. But totally, impersonal.

With an exceedingly creative daughter on my hands (one who is happiest when she's creating something for someone else) I think that gift approach will be a thing of the past.

And we're already looking for inspiration...spending the past several days scouring Pinterest for ideas.

There's clever twists on traditional gift cards and flowers:

Source: wmcraftgoodies.blogspot.com via Michelle

But knowing my daughter, and her love of creative expression, her 4th grade teacher will likely get one or more of these artistic gifts:

Source: amandaparkerandfamily.blogspot.com via Michelle

  What will you be getting your child's teacher this year?


kakaty said...

That heart is amazing!

I'm sure Miss B will do something awesome. One thing that I've done (and my kids are in preschool, but I think this works across the ages) is interview the kid about the teacher and then wrote it all down. Of course, when they are 3 the answers are hysterical. But I'm sure Miss B's answers would be very thoughtful and touching.

Anonymous said...

Little Mia is giving her teacher fingernail polish!

Odd, but Ms. T wears - during the school year - the "flag colors" of all of her students on her fingers! Red, white and blue, for USA, red/white for Singapore, etc.


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