Sunday, January 20, 2013

Makeover at Saks

Last year, I was blown away to win a #TourDeBeauty from Alexa. The prize…an evening at Saks complete with a master makeup class for me and a few of my friends.

While I try to put my best face forward, I really am a low-maintenance kind of gal. My makeup regime admittedly leans more towards drugstore makeup versus the upscale likes of Saks’ Dior, Chanel, or Guerlain (which is owned in part by Louis Vuitton). What can I say, I’m a simple country girl at heart.

Last week, I gathered a few of my closest friends and met at Saks for a much needed GNO. After a quick glass of bubbly, I was voted to be the first to go. Our vibrant makeup consultant, Elle, shared many tricks of the trade throughout the evening and managed to find the perfect foundation match for my pale porcelain skin, Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau #1

Makeover Collage

Elle showed us new techniques and Guerlain products for each makeover (our favorite was “The 3” where she applied bronzer with a large brush in the shape of a backwards 3 along the side of our face). It was cool to see the transformations on each of my friends.

Friends makeover Collage

However, for me, their beauty was only enhanced, as they are already stunning (inside and out).

After Collage

We had a fabulous, albeit long, night at Saks (we were there until the store closed). I’m so glad I could share this fun experience with such wonderful women. friends

P.S. We missed you Jen and Shari.Here’s hoping for another GNO soon…really soon.


alexa @ cleveland's a plum said...

looking good ladies!!

Elle Gemma said...

I had a wonderful time with you ladies! You are all beautiful to begin with, butI am happy you learned some new tricks of the trade! Xoxo- Elle

Cynthia W. Mathews said...

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