Monday, January 27, 2014

2014: My year of being a Badass

"What words define the life I want to lead in 2014?" 
This was one of the many challenges posed to me by Naomi and her new EGADS program.
For me, it was relatively easy to define...I want my year to be filled with calm, connections, joy and creativity. And, if I had to pick a single word to define my year, I want to feel like a Badass.
Yes, I said Badass (sorry Daddy ;). I, Michelle, want to think of myself as true Badass.
As I've shared this with people, I've found that the connotation of Badass is vastly different for people. Webster defines it as: Of formidable strength or skill while the Urban Dictionary provides a more modern definition: Ultra-cool mother-effer.
When I told my husband, his immediate reaction was, “No. You're definitely not a badass." For him, the connotation is most definitely a negative one...basically someone who is a real jerk, arrogant and has a sense of reckless abandon. Definitely not a word he’d associate with me.
But that's not what the word means to me.
For me, it’s really the feeling of extreme confidence in one’s self. A sense of feeling strong, and empowered, combined with a sense of calm confidence, knowing I’ve got my stuff all together.

My friend Cathy pushes me to be stronger- photo by my friend/trainer Jen

This year, I want to:
  • Have 100% confidence and pride in my body
  • Wear form fitting clothes (many of which have been hiding in my closet, long abandoned due to my gradual weight gain.) and remember that no food tastes as good as a lean body feels.
  • Rock a bikini...yes, this nearly 41 year old mom will have lost the layers of flab and proudly be sporting the muscles I’ve worked hard to build (and I'm well on my way ;)
  • Eat clean (for the most part) but don't beat myself up when I indulge.
  • Not feel guilty for focusing on me...whether it's making time to exercise, focusing on setting my goals for the week, watching a movie or creating something 
  • Connect with friends and family on a very regular basis

In a nutshell, I want 2014 to be the year that I become a total and complete every positive sense of the word.
So, what word defines your year?


Naomi Hattaway said...

Ah - I couldn't leave a comment because of the "linkedus" something or other.

YOU ARE a badass. You're going to rock the year 2014 and put it in a corner! Can't wait to see that bikini shot!

Susan Harper said...

Go Michelle! Do you think we all want that? I think so. I want to join you this year in strength, skill, confidence, empowerment and just a tablespoon full of reckless abandon, too! Enjoy and keep us posted.

amy said...

To me you are a badass. You are cool, confident woman. That is what I like about you. This is your year of YOU.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

You go girl! I truly think you are already there, but what's important is that YOU feel like a bad ass!

Monina Wagner said...

I'm so proud to call you my friend. You are a super badass!

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