Friday, December 18, 2009

Best of 2009

As I wrap up nearly a year of dedicated blogging (I actually started blogging with more consistency in March, but close enough), I was inspired by Scary Mommy's post about her best blog posts of 2009. I thought I'd join in the fun and share my personal favorites from MyManagedChaos.

January: Welcome Ashley Marie (my first visit with my newest niece)

February: Learning a thing or two (or maybe 25)

March: Motherhood: Life's most challenging job (a lesson inspired by OHmommy)

April: 17 Kisses (my favorite post of the year about my beloved grandmother in her last days)

May: The Simple Life (escaping my life in the McMansion suburbs)

June: Balancing the Scale (admitting I have a problem balancing it all...and the post where I received my first comment from McMommy)

July: Birthday Blessings (my family's birthday trifecta)

August: I Wish (open admission of my life's wishes...inspired by Maria)

September: My brief encounter with Jillian Michaels (she tweeted ME, she really, really did!)

October: I Am (and insider's perspective of little ole' me)

November: Counting my domino at a time (who knew a simple game like dominos could bring generations together)

December: Now I See You (my darling daughter's newest milestone...glasses)

Did I miss any of your favorites?


Scary Mommy said...

Yay! Excited to check out your personal favs! :)

Ashley's Proud Mama said...

My favorite is easy: January - Welcome Ashley Marie

Can't believe it's almost been a year!!!!

Thanks for sharing all of your posts! I truly enjoy reading all of them!

Krystyn said...

Love the list! I've been along for all of them, I think!

Have a Merry Christmas.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I just dropped in from Scary Mommy's roundup - will check out some of your highlights now :) Happy new year!

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